Saturday, October 08, 2005

I think we damaged his calm...

Or perhaps more on target, she did.

About three years ago, I watched a marriage come apart. It was not the least bit entertaining. Off and on since then, some things have been.

Went to the movies tonight with a great friend and a goodly woman (all in one body, how cool is that?) and saw Serenity.

Well, first we went to dinner but that's a whole 'nother post altogether. But let me just say that I would love to know if the manager was accurate in his assessment of, "There's gonna be trouble..."

The movie was really good - lots of fun and probably all the more so for the company. I won't dwell on it. If you like action and guns and adrenaline and witty repartee, you'll love this movie.

We're on our way out, scurrying for the "Ladies Room" because, after all, this was a two hour action packed flick and neither of us got up and went to the loo, fercripesake, but as we exit, with her rounding the corner to the left because she's younger and faster (we won't even address better looking because that has zero to do with speed) and I look to the right and there's her ex.

And I say, "Hey..." and kind of flip my hand up in a half-ass sort of wave because he's still my husband's pal and all that and.......

His eyes roll right over me like I'm not even there and focus a little bit past me and then he gets this deer in the headlights look and.......


One of those truly abstract moments in life.

Go check out Bug Eyed Earl - it's been a while.

I mean to say.

Monday, October 03, 2005

Next Step....

Signed today by Judge Giddings:

IT IS ORDERED that the Defendant and Mr. Charles Perricone, MCRGO Executive Director, Mr. Dan* Berg, MCRGO Secretary, Mr. Dale Shantz, MCRGO Chair and President and Mr. James Kliemann, MCRGO Vice Chair and Treasurer will appear before this Court on October 17, 2005 at 2:00 PM to show cause why this court should not enter an Order:

1. Finding the Defendant in deliberate willful contempt;
2. Assessing maximum fines allowed by law;
3. Assessing maximum sanctions allowed by law;
4. Imprisoning Mr. Charles Perricone, Mr. Dan Berg, Mr. Dale Shantz, and Mr. James Kliemann until they fully comply with the April 13, 2005 Order;
5. Award Ms. Li her out-of-pocket costs including any lost wages;
6. Payment of Ms. Li’s attorney fees associated with this matter;
7. All costs, expenses, fines, penalties and sanctions assessed MCRGO must be paid only from MCRGO revenue without payment by others and/or by Charles Perricone and the individual Members of the Board of Directors of MCRGO individually with no reimbursement; and Require that MCRGO fully comply with the September 1, 2005 Order.

*Dan is actually Doug. Either way, he faces possible imprisonment.

The defendant's attorney was also fined $250 on Friday by the Michigan Appellate Court. Not sure whether it's for being incompetent or if we need to consider whether this so-called Appeal is nothing more than a delaying tactic.

Sanctions Order.

Sunday, October 02, 2005

Patton Won't Be There For Ya, Buddy

For those who read this blog or my home page, I've discussed the issues facing me in trying to deal with the Michigan Coalition for Responsible Gun Owners (MCRGO). I had filed suit to try to get the Executive Director and the Board to follow the law and our own Bylaws. It's a complex issue and much of the legal papers can be found in this directory.

As the case developed, I won point after legal point and it became clear to even the folks who believed they could get away with anything - well - that they would not be getting away with anything. I suppose they became desperate and they began to flail about for any way to try to get me to give up. I don't know what kind of people they are used to dealing with but trying to ruin my life was not the approach that would get them the results they were after. Amazingly enough, they told such obvious lies, so easily proven to be lies that to most thinking folks, they just end up looking foolish, I suspect.

I spoke with my attorney and we filed a slander and defamation lawsuit, in addition to the original lawsuit and got a restraining order that we later got turned into an injunction. Not much seems to stop some of these folks, though, because they continue to lie and atttempt to interfere with my right to run for the Board of Directors, make a living, and do meaningful volunteer work. All in an effort to put so much pressure on me that I will give up in this fight. It is foolish because, in the end, it is not going to work and it's going to be a costly process as well.

It has moments that almost approach low comedy, though.

Recently, one Director of the MCRGO, Kerry Miller, after being served with the slander/defamation suit papers, then finally seeing the last legal papers asking that the entire board of Directors be jailed (and I will discuss our change in tactics on that in another week or so - we need to get out next Court appearance out of the way first) approached the rest of the Board and, including me and several others in an email said (paraphrasing here), in very frank language, that he did not intend to go to jail and that they needed to comply with the original order and then offered some possible negotiating points for settlement of the slander/defamation suit.

The response was a deafening silence, of course. But then an email came from David Aviles, who has, perhaps, been watching too much TV. I say TV because if he'd actually read the history behind what he said, he might have noticed some very key differences.

What was his response, you ask? One word, "Nuts."

History buffs might recognize the response of General McAuliffe to the demand from the Germans at Bastogne that he and his troops surrender.

Details here.

Now, McAuliffe was later vindicated in his response. He was victorious in the end and awarded a Distinguished Service Cross. As a very dear friend would say, "Good form. Good form, indeed."


He had General Patton and the Third Army to back him up and knew that they were on their way to do so. I would suggest that Mr. Aviles does not have anyone approaching that caliber and his troops faltered long ago.

I also suspect that Judge Giddings will not be awarding him a Distinguished Service Cross.

But that's just my not all that humble opinion.