Saturday, April 29, 2006

I'm so cheap and Staples is so Great...

I shop at Staples all the time - yes, I know it's an office supply place and who really enjoys shopping at an office supply place but still....

I get a
Teacher's Rewards discount that lets me get free shipping, no matter how small the order, and then gives me two percent of what I spend back every quarter.

So today I went shopping for some of this and some of that and had a coupon for 12% off in store, and my rewards check for $20 (they rounded up from $19.60) and then, in addition, another rewards check for $30.

So how'd I get two rewards checks? Well, I had misplaced my previous quarter's check and called the Rewards Center and explained my loss and they sent me a replacement for it without any problem at all.

Excellent service, excellent products, next day delivery whether my order is $2.00 or $200 and a percentage of every purchase goes right back into my pocket.

Oh, yeah, and $60.99 worth of stuff for sixty-eight cents. What more can you ask for?