Monday, February 21, 2005

Toobis - Future Serial Killer, No Doubt

I ran across this site a day or two ago and was just nauseated. I generally avoid reading crap like this but this guy got me somehow. I suppose the poke for me was this idiot picture:

But then I read the following:
Toobis 1, Mom 0 wherein he describes beating his younger sister and mother to the point where the mother ends up hospitalized. Sick little boy. Wonder what Wal-Mart visitors in his home town think when greeted by this lunatic. Scarey.

There she was practically tangled up in my controllers, squealing like the RETARD that she is, and who do I see standing near her laughing? MOM. Mom's excuse? "I was going to take a few picture of her because I thought it was cute, nothing is damaged" -- LIKE HELL NOTHING IS DAMAGED! The more you pull on controller cables, the more brittle they get you stupid hag! Do you KNOW how many controllers I've had break on me in the last few years because some idiot didn't know how to take care of them? Do you think I want to have to order new ones off of ebay, Mom? ? I DON'T HAVE THE MONEY FOR THAT, IF YOU'LL RECALL I GOT *FIRED*! You FRICKIN' MORON!! Man I was SO pissed.And that's when I lost it. I ran up to Amanda, pulled off the controllers, grabbed her by the collar, and threw her onto the couch (not too hard, mind you, just enough to get her away from my stuff). So she starts squealing at the top of her lungs, and before I can react some raging pile of makeup and hormones (Mom) comes flying at me, clawing and screaming at me like an enraged ANIMAL. "Holy HELL !?!" I'm thinking, "is it that time of the month already?" But I regained control over myself, and tried to get the situation back under control.. but would Mom let me? NO.

I yelled at her, told her to back the ^#%# off or she was going to regret it, and that's when she pulled out the "Chris you need to get a job" BS. "Listen, you stupid hag" I calmly replied, "I'll get a job when I'm good and ready to get a job." She then started going off about how I was lazy and how Dad would want me to be doing something with my life and not just "laying around all day smoking drugs" (Yeah, like every drug is smoked, idiot. And I have insomnia, it's not like I can sleep very well, so I'm hardly ever laying around). "My life?" I yelled back, "What have YOU done with your life since he died?" And that's a FINE question too, because she hasn't done ANYTHING except maybe date a few losers and get plastered NIGHTLY. She's one to judge ME! By now I was pissed beyond belief, absolutely infuriated. I mean, why the hell does she drag Dad into every argument we have anyway??

I don't remember exactly what happened next, as it's all kind of a blur. She claims I hit her first, but I distinctly remember her hitting me before I ever reached my fist around and gave her a piece of my mind. She managed to slap me a few times but they hardly hurt at all, haha! Nice try you worthless female! She says when I punched her, and just ONCE mind you, she literally flew into the wall! HOLY HOGSTEETH you should see the hole! Thus the topic of this rant: Toobis:1 Mom:0. Maybe it's a little insensitive, but she started hitting me first, so I don't feel the least bit guilty. Guess she'll think twice before messing with me again. So after that Mom had to go to the hospital for her collarbone and ribs (and some other crap, I'M NO DOCTOR). She was so pissed when she came back that she was going to throw me out and call the cops on me unless I agreed to "get help Chris, get help *insert whiny female sobbing here*" You read right: she turned on the waterworks and started bawling like a baby. Man I was pissed when she pulled out the schoolgirl hissy-fit crap. I know women better than she thinks I do. I know how easily they can fake tears, and I could see through her little "cry me a river" pity party charade. Utter balderdash. However, since I didn't feel like living in my car I agreed to her stupid conditions.

Now I'm supposed to enroll in anger management classes, again, and start seeing a psychologist, again. She's such an idiot!!!! How many times will I have to go through stupid classes like this? None of it ever does ANYTHING except waste my time. I certainly don't learn anything, what a waste of time and money! I mean, usually I don't erupt in violence like I did, but I've been under a TON of stress lately, and it all just kind of built up inside of me until it finally exploded. It happens to everyone on occasion, so why pick on me when I make a mistake?

I sure do hate my Mom, she's got to be the most annoying person in the whole wide world. I do enjoy seeing her limp around the house though, because it's a reminder to me and her that YOU SIMPLY DO NOT GET TOOBIS PISSED OFF AND EXPECT TO GO UNPUNISHED. It's just the type of person I am. I'm not unreasonable, I just expect respect. Treat me well and I'll treat you well, but don't and bad things will happen. Today she's been completely ignoring me, so I've been living in a NAG-FREE PARADISE. Finally, some peace and quiet! Maybe she needs her nose broken more often.

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Sick puppy. In another rant, he spews against women using tampons. Says when they feel drippy they should just go sit on the toilet. Doesn't have half a clue how the woman thing works but firmly believs tampons ought to be outlawed. Says when someday he decides to go shoot up a grade school with an AK-47 it will be the fault of all those stupid women who won't go out with him - sick in a big way is this boy.

Have to wonder what Wendy is thinking about hiring this psycho. Just one more reason to stay out of Canada, I guess.