Saturday, October 29, 2005

But Why Would They Defy the Law?

People have asked me what Mr. Perricone and the Board of Directors are hiding that they would go to the lengths they have to avoid compliance with the law and Court orders. Some ask if it's financial wrong dealings, some ask me if it's something to do with Campaign Finance, one even asked, "Could there be something he is hiding that if found out could get him killed by one of his mob buddies?" I don't know what kind of "buddies" Mr. Perricone has, if any, but I do know he is expending a huge amount of energy to stomp on one lone schoolteacher from SE Michigan.

Sometimes I think that it's nothing major, just Mr. Perricone's escalating reaction to being thwarted at something he wanted.

He wanted the Board hand-picked so they would rubber stamp everything he wanted to do. He got that, except for Barbara Stockford (now President of SAFR), Rich Dillard, Gary Bengtson, and Ian Kinder. From Day One, he treated Barb and Ian totally without respect. If they wanted anything, he set out to block it. His emails to both of them were disrespectful and clearly, he wanted them gone. Dillard was more tolerable to him because he thought that Rich had political aspirations and that he could manipulate him through that. Bengtson he thought he could work because "any attorney will go for the money."

As time went by, he harassed Ian, even using both me and Carol Bamberry to push, threaten, etc. until finally, Ian saw his whole livelihood threatened and he resigned from the Board.

Then Dillard resigned, citing personal reasons.

Then we got emails from Bengtson complaining that the other members of the Board - Kliemann specifically - but others as well, were calling and trying to force him to resign, but he wasn't going to do it.

Then the next day, after who knows what happened during the night, he resigned.

Then Barb went, but that wasn't good enough - they advised the Board to have her removed as a member.

Then there was me. I'd watched him, looked at things, found evidence of tampering with the election, with him using our organization for both political and financial gain, not for our organzation, which was his job, but for himself and for this other organization, the Michigan Regional Carpenters Council, long associated with such activities as illegal Union issues, multi-million dollars "loans" to casino people (later barred for organized crime connections) and headed by a man Mr. Perricone openly admitted he wanted on our Board of Directors - a man barred by the Federal Government from having anything to do with his own Union's pension fund due to illegal loans. This same client supposedly endorsed a pro-gun candiate for Governor, MCRGO's choice for governor, but through my explorations (and with the help of some others) I found that they had given a vast amount of money to anti-gun candidates and an extremely small amount to our choice for Governor. The implications of this are obvious.

The more I looked, the more I found. The more I asked questions, the more my efforts to serve on the Board were blocked. From the moment that I challenged the idea of Mr. Perricone's refusal to assist Barbara, while she was still on the Board, to get the records and answers she was looking for, he never had another civil word to say to me and I became "The Enemy," despite my only trying to do what any reasonable individual would - my fiduciary duty as a Board member.

Follow the law, follow the Bylaws and do the ethical thing in representing our members, which is where my loyalty lies. To the membership, not to Mr. Perricone, not to the Board. The people of this organization, the ones that current practices have driven away and the members removed (often for no other reason than opposing the way the organization was/is being run) are the ones to whom I owe my loyalty and my efforts to bring this organization back to what it once was.

Mr. Perricone, and the Board, seem to be doing several things:

1. They'll do anything to try to make the membership believe that they are right and I am wrong, despite the Court's decisions and the obvious facts. This has been an ongoing smear campaign that has resulted in a second lawsuit, against the Board members personally, that will go on and will result in a jury trial with me as Plaintiff and all of them as Defendants, along with the organization itself.

2. They take one step further, and further and further to try to force me to give up on the suit. They have tried to force my attorney to quit, denying me representation just because we have positively affirmed every point in Court. They have enlisted TNUSA, and even slandered Sam Washington and MUCC (and I am not a member of MUCC and have never met Sam Washington). They have gone so far as to enlist legislators and the Speaker of the House (Mrs. Perricone's employer) to call MUCC in an effort to pressure our attorney to quit this case.

3. Simply not recognizing that the Court has the right, and the responsibility, to make the decisions that have been made in accordance with the law and in the best interests of the membership. Sunlight is the best disinfectant,” a quote from U.S. Supreme Court Justice Louis Brandeis, refers to the benefits of openness and transparency. As Judge Giddings told the MCRGO attorney the other day, "We don't do things in the dark around here."

Macomb County Attorney Jim Simmons has volunteered to appear in front of the Gun Board with me and that will ease some of the burden on Mr. Winters, which I greatly appreciate. Jim knows gun boards, knows the issues and has been in front of the Oakland County Board before. I am sure that with the incredible amount of proof we have to offer on Mr. Perricone's motives for this "one step further" in his pattern of slander and defamation, we will have my CPL restored, but this is completely undeserved and as previously stated, will have the opposite effect from what he hoped for.

I will not give up this fight. It would be wrong and I am not going to do anything less - I owe that to the membership and I pay my debts.

I appreciate the support I am getting from so many people, and from our attorney, who is not only an excellent attorney but extremely supportive - he'd make a great cheerleader, God love him - he called me this AM with nothing more than a "How are you holding up?"

And in the end, I'm going to hold up just fine.

Friday, October 28, 2005

Underhanded Dealings Don't Always Work...

Sometimes they do for a little while, though.

I've been stripped of my concealed pistols license temporarily. Of course, I will challenge it. There's absolutely nothing to support this action and it is, without a doubt, at the instigation of Mr. Charles R. Perricone - the man who purports to support concealed carry for all law abiding citizens.

Today, the attorney for MCRGO went to the Judge ex parte and tried to have the warrant for Mr. Shantz' arrest vacated. He claimed that we had everything and we were ok with it and that there were no remaining issues.


We had the hearing Wednesday and the warrant for Dale Shantz arrest was issued. Since that time we have received no further information nor was a corrected copy of the database was sent or delivered to us, but still Mr. Robert G. Fleming (P44610) went to the Judge and claimed that we had everything. Mr. Fleming, if we didn't have it two days ago and you haven't give us anything since then, sir, it appears to me that you just told a great big whopper.

The Judge immediately called our attorney via speaker phone (not Former Speaker of the House phone but still...) and went through the issues fairly quickly and then explained to the attorney for MCRGO the facts of life on things such as this. One of his main objections, it seems, is that I am posting public records documents on the internet, which the Judge promptly informed him was my Constitutional right.

Michigan Coalition for Responsible Gun Owners, eh? And their idea of Pro-Gun is to go after my concealed pistols license and work to abrogate my Second Amendment rights as well as my rights under the Michigan Constitution.

Nice work, boys. Truly the honorable thing to do. Lose in Court - make sure a woman is unable to protect herself.

That'll teach me, won't it?

Thursday, October 27, 2005

Legal Paper Links as Promised.

These orders and the bench warrant, etc. are the result of yesterday's Court Hearing. I referenced them earlier and promised to share them as soon as I received them.

Like any Court Document in this issue, I am making no attempt to hide or conceal them and as they become available I will continue to share them. Watch this spot - there is definitely more to come.

Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Now Mr. Shantz Needs to Do The Right Thing...

A warrant for the arrest of Dale Shantz, Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Michigan Coalition for Responsible Gun Owners (MCRGO), was issued today. He is subject to arrest by any law enforcement officer in the State of Michigan.

Do the right thing, Mr. Shantz, and turn yourself in. It may save you being arrested in an embarrassing situation - in front of your wife, friends, co-workers.

Remember, you have until Friday to get the Board of Directors to develop, vote on and pass a resolution that outlines how you will get the remaining materials to us.

And before you try again to claim that I am "crowing," what you need to admit, to the membership and to yourself perhaps, is that you know I never wanted this. I begged you to follow the law and our Bylaws, but you were the one who felt that our organization didn't need to do so. You and your fellow members of the Board of Directors were the ones who attacked me for wanting to do my job, then blocked me from doing my job, then decided to ignore a Court order and contravene the law.

What are you, the Board and the Executive Director working so hard to hide? Please don't claim that it's the database because anyone can read the inventory offered as evidence by MCRGO that says quite clearly in several areas that the organization intends to ignore the Court's order and not provide required information.

The motion for a Summary Disposition that was requested by the attorney for MCRGO in the slander/defamation and Civil Rights violation lawsuit was denied as well. Next step, sworn depositions from Mr. Perricone and the other members of the Board, including the State Senator who recently attacked me via email to more than 10,000 people. He lied to them; I wonder if he will lie under oath as well.

Sunday, October 23, 2005

Young Marine Reservist Does the Right Thing...

I have to admit I got a kick out of this story.

The realization that he might have had to shoot Hall was unnerving, he said. Having been to Iraq, Thailand, Korea, and Okinawa, Doncaster has faced some hairy situations, but coming face to face with an armed civilian still rattled the Marine - after the fact.

But even being hit with capsaicin (pepper) spray didn't stop him from persuing and detaining Steven Mark Hall, and armed attacker who had, moments before, attempted to abduct a grandmother and the two year old child with her. He was carrying three pairs of handcuffs, a collapsible baton, a knife, a Taser, brass knuckles and pepper spray, which he used on several customers and employees of the Wal-Mart where the incident occurred - including the Marine who refused to give in and allow this animal to go his way.

Corporal Kevin Doncaster is licensed to carry a concealed weapon and was that day - a Glock .357 SIG. He doesn't like to leave it in the car where it might get stolen and he is armed and ready to defend himself and others. He did a fine job and he is a credit to his nation, to his family, to his community and to himself.

I'm not surprised, though, because our men and women in the Armed Forces keep us safe on so many fronts and we owe them everything for doing so.

For those who would have us go about as sheep, unarmed and unable to protect ourselves, shame on you. I am reminded of a definition for gun control: The theory that a woman found dead in an alley, raped and strangled with her pantyhose, is somehow morally superior to a woman explaining to police how her attacker got that fatal bullet wound.

Great job, Corporal - and thank you for helping the women who might have been his future victims.