Saturday, November 22, 2008

CNN Explains the Left's Stupidity on the Snub That Wasn't....

Have I ever mentioned that I think a whole bunch of folks on TV are just plain dolts? Jon Stewart is at the head of the Dolt-Line, BTW.

Watch this one - and for heaven's sake, quit buying into MainStream Media BS (hereafter known as MSMBS).

Sadly, most “younger voters” get their news from Jon Stewart, and truly think The Daily Show is actually a news program. Once this crud is over - four years from now - I'd like to see a movement to force registered voters to test out -maybe something like the citizenship test that our potential citizens are forced to take before they are allowed to become citizens (and vote!).

Even given that I see many Obama supporters as totally acting on emotion rather than as having really looked at the part-time Senator from Illinois' stance on the issues, I was still pretty stunned by this video and its associated poll:

How Obama Got Elected.

BTW - none of the candidates ever said that - it was actually Tina Fey on Saturday Night Live.

Kevin Craft...

I've talked about him before - this guy is great. Subscribe - he's funny, on point and smart as a whip.

Kevin Craft discusses the recent election.