Saturday, July 23, 2005

Going Out of Town

My husband, I should say first, doesn't carry. Certainly, he is the far better of the two of us at target shooting, but he's extremely hard of hearing and doesn't carry. Not that the two have anything to do with each other, but they do for this story.

We'd scheduled some down time and a few days of luxury at a hotel half-way between our place and my brother's (in a neighboring state) and he and his family were to join us, do the Cedar Point Park, etc. but we finally decided to drive down the day before and have a decent night's sleep before we plunged into days of activity. We made reservations at an unknown hotel and, upon arrival, found it to be a pretty lively place. Two stories but strip motel type place, tons of kids, lots of people with cases of beer being unloaded, etc. We ate, settled in, and later, as we both were relaxing at around 1:00 AM, reading books before we fell asleep, I heard something outside the door, too close, and it sent me into alert. Then I heard the sound of the lock clicking and saw the door handle moving. I jumped up, grabbed my P7, hurried to the door and said in my big girl, don't screw with me voice, "This is NOT your room!" I heard the individual for a heartbeat more but then everything got quiet and I moved a little closer to look through the peephole to see - nothing. Whoever had been trying to get in was now gone.

My husband, when I turned around and said, "They're gone," grinned like six kinds of idiots and said, "That's my girl." I turned and picked up my holster from where I'd tossed it, reholstered my gun and put it back on the nightstand.

I imagine some drunk just got the wrong door and then went away as soon as I informed them of their mistake but it was a perfect example of why every state needs reciprocity and no business needs to disallow visitors' safety by forbidding firearms on the property.

BTW, after I did the first LFI, I asked my husband (then fiance') what he would do if we were ever in a situation where a bad guy needed chastising. I worried that he would still try to do some macho thing even though I would be the armed individual. He told me he would move back and sideways and try to distract the BG to give me more time to do what needed to be done.

I think we're a perfect couple.