Sunday, November 21, 2004

Stop that; it's silly

Although I found the Basil Fawlty bit amusing on the face of it, the route it took to me was via what I felt was a sort of snide comment on my politics. Granted, I was feeling a bit touchy because some woman I work with had told me to "take my white ass back to Bush Country" the day before, but there was a little more history.

I ended up sending back the following meander to the little group that were on the original recipients list.

That is so cute....

With true "fawlty" logic, the folks in the towers have apparently missed a few things... without much regard to order but just as things come to mind, I'd like to respond a bit to those foolish folks over there looking down their noses at the majority of good folks who voted their conscience and belief systems 19 days ago...

1. 60,645,844 votes for Bush.
2. Entire population of the British Isles - 60,270,708 - and most of them do not have guns even for the purposes of putting meat on their tables nor are they willing to get off their Socialist arses (how's that for Queen's English?) to do so, let alone come prancing over here to take someone else's.
3. Accent. Despite some Brits’ inability to distinguish them as such, Australia and the like are not wholly owned subsidiaries of England. Australians do not speak with an English “accent” any more than citizens of the United States do. There are dialects, of course, but that's not quite the same thing. Folks will have to learn to say what they mean before they can rightfully expect anyone else to understand what they mean. Here’s the rundown, to save you from going to the dictionary. A fellow from France who is native speaking French has an accent when he is in the United States but Aussies and Brits only exhibit dialects of English, much the same way people in varying areas and social strata in England’s speech patterns exhibit dialectic differences.
4. While on the subject of "indian giving", the UK must strive to remember that they discarded those Aussies a fairly long time ago when they put their criminals and adjudged lowlifes on a boat and shipped them off telling them never to darken their door again. Too late to get them back now. Same goes for the descendants of those chased off for refusal to worship as ordered when ordered. Fair's fair, after all.
5. Re #8 - see numbers one and two above. More American Citizens voted to reelect the man they believe in and judged most capable to do the job than populates the entire conglomerate of the UK. With only 44 million voters in the UK, and a subset of only an estimated 60% of them willing to participate in the process, and far too many of the gentlemen that hope to gain a meager percentage of those votes punching each other in the noses, that whole name-calling business seems a bit over the top.
6. Re #4 - ok. The folks in Hollyweird don't represent the US populace any more than Benny Hill represented the UK. It's fine with me if any one of the many British actors who have deserted merry old England to make their homes in the United States is hired to play either criminal or good guy. In addition, I hope that the UK will broaden its point of view a bit and attempt to understand that the majority of the United States has become unutterably bored with politically correct and rather enjoys laughing at the foolishness of grown men who pretend to be capable of running a country or five punching each other in the nose. We're good with the humor as well, for the most part, and we're more than willing to send an extra dentist or two to take care of some of the nastier and more visible problems of those English actors that wish to gain employment in the movies produced and paid for by people in the United States.
7. No going back on the national anthem thing. We kicked the King and his various progeny out a long time ago and that means we get to pick the songs we sing when we play our silly games, just as the little fellows in shorts do right before they and all their audience members break out into a public
brawl. Oh, and if we ever decide we do want to run England, my vote is no more Beatles (or lame imitations thereof) from that day forth.
8. Number 11. Ok. Massachusetts has a far too high ninny quotient, as this is a state whose voting public will elect and reelect drunken sot murderers and other part-time politicians with voting tendencies so far out of step with reality that even they can't figure out if they support an issue or not. "I voted for it before I voted against it," indeed.
9. Number 14. There's been a misunderstanding. The 60-75 million gun owners in the US are not the group that hires 10,000 lawyers to stand by on the off chance there will be anything for them to do one day in November. Gun owners just get out and vote. The Party that the vast majority of them belong to is also not the Party that has members that refer to Condaleezza Rice as the President's "House Nigga" (see
Michelle Malkin and Left Leaning Ted Rall for an explanation of my outrage on that issue) and it is also the Party whose elected head actually does have the politically correct "people of color" in positions of responsibility. They are also not the group that turns to therapy or attorneys for every issue. Please note that "PEST" is not a disorder that afflicts any of my Republican brothers and sisters but I, for one, was inordinately pleased to see this "disorder" labeled with such an appropriate acronym. While you're at it, Google up "10,000 lawyers" and see if the Party of my affiliation was the one putting down retainers.
10. Number 9. Nuclear vs nook-u-lar. We understand your frustration. Some of us want him to quit that as well, but, coming from a country that calls a bathroom a loo, a truck a lorry, an elevator a lift, an umbrelly a brolly, and has somehow turned a sneezy noise like "chuffed" into an alternative word for pleased, you'll forgive us for thinking it's really beyond the pale for you to point out such minor failures in communication. At least our country has a leader who can do more than ride through the streets of the most populace city twisting his/her hand back and forth in frozen, and decidedly aging, beauty queen fashion. The Queen is a charming idea, but all those pounds sterling wrapped up in supporting one family that keeps interbreeding with other plug uglies when the rest of the nation suffers from a pretty devastating lack of income, employment and dentistry issues, is a pretty silly focus point, in my not all that humble opinion.
11. Number 7. Well. No. You see, the people who wrote our Constitution had the forethought to include a Bill of Rights, quite deliberately crafted to enumerate rights that were presumed to be inherent and that should not be abridged, abrogated or ignored. This applies to firearms, of course, in the same exact way it applies to word processors and the equally important right not to be required to tattle on one's self. There is the assumption of innocence here in the US and that means that until one is convicted of a crime, one must not be assumed to be ready to commit a crime, despite the possession of tools that might one day be used in a criminal activity. Oh, and we will not be allowing countries not a party to our Constitution to outlaw guns, cards, dice, automobiles, kitchen knives, computers, cameras or baseball bats because they might one day be used in a criminal manner, either. And of course, the outlawing of anything we do, either as individuals or a country by a non-existent "government" in the form of the (dis)United Nations is simply not going to happen, like it or not. With the grace of God and support of the finest all volunteer fighting forces in the world, our government, by virtue of its Constitution, has promised us that UN troops will never occupy our nation and
roast kiddies for lunch.
12. Combining a concept here. First part. Being on our knees to a Queen went out with the Clinton Era. We also saved your pimpled behinds in two World Wars so, while we appreciate your government’s support in recent world security issues, we hope you understand by now “taking back” anything from us isn’t really an option worth considering. Again, think 60,645,844 and keep in mind that even a few of the rest of the folks here might rise up in irritation should you fellows show up on our shores expecting to see a white flag.
13. Number 11. As an aside, there are many members of the "reigning" Party in the US that are offended by the caricatures being drawn of us. We are tired of being accused of only putting "people of color" in prominent positions as "tokens" by a Party whose membership doesn't put them in any prominent position for ANY reason. We are also offended by the idea that people find us uncharitable and unwilling to help our fellow citizens in times of need when, in reality, many of us simply understand that there is little more racist or sexist than not believing that a group, by virtue of its ethnicity or lack of possession of a Y chromosome has been, again, solely by virtue of possession of those characteristics, rendered incapable of building a productive life without supervision and facilitation by those whose egos are so swollen that they feel that the aforementioned groups cannot adequately function without their organized intervention. See the
Generosity Data and, in more condensed form, the graphic at Michelle Malkin's blog for clarification. Those of us who are looked down on for our "down home" attitude and moral stance would like to remind those folks who identify with ideas such as the public dole and various other entitlement programs that for true charity to have meaning it must come out of their pockets voluntarily, not mine by what amounts to Legislative force. I have worked my behind off over the years to attain a position in life via hard work and diligent effort that pays more than they think I should have based on my membership in a political Party.

BTW, my husband and I file our income taxes together and pay what we are required to pay. It is a curiosity to me (and others) why, as an example, Mr. Kerry and his wife dodge tax bills the way they do by filing separately. I do understand the wish to save money but when you've got $500 million or so in your pocket and your husband is constantly harping on how bad tax cuts are for the nation, it seems a tad hypocritical at best.
14. In a nation that has outlawed the basic right to self defense and will jail elderly farmers who end up killing career criminals who invade his home and then compound that offense by (1) providing the dead criminal's equally criminal partner with the funding to sue said farmer and (2) deny the same farmer parole because he might pose a threat to other career criminal burglars, there aren't a whole lot of people that really have much to say to me about firearms that I'm interested in hearing. Despite the arrogance of some across the sea who have lost the concept of basic human rights, those of us on this side of the pond capable of logical thinking will not soon be abandoning our right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

Oh, and while the people bought and paid for by one foreign born gentleman are busy claiming fraud, etc., I will go by my own experience -
Election Fraud in Wayne County, MI - in looking at the Party that apparently believes that violence and intimidation is a valid voter influence tool.

Comedy is entertaining and I have always enjoyed the British sense of rather dry humor. However, I draw a very sharp line at being told how I should behave by elitist snobs who somehow imagine that because they have attained a position for no other reason than the ability to read a line as written or the accidental possession of a pleasing visual arrangement of the features God (or random theories, as the case may be) has bestowed upon them, that they are now entitled to some importance being attached to their opinions.

Happy Sunday, kids, it's been a great weekend for me. I just helped 17 people qualify for concealed carry permits, including two women, one of whom is disabled and used to live in fear of not being able to outrun an attacker due to cystic fibrosis. I say good on her for not giving up or giving in.