Friday, October 14, 2005

Two more....

MCRGO's attorney will have to amend his complaint once more.

Two more members, upon being subpoenaed to appear in court this coming Monday and apparently discovering they were being sued, have withdrawn their affidavits.

I wonder if any of those members were aware that their affidavits were going to be used to sue them.

Somehow I rather doubt it.

What a shame. Even more of a shame is that no one making these kinds of decisions at MCRGO appears to be ashamed.

Thursday, October 13, 2005

A very wise man would have said...

"Good form."

Today, two of the affiants in the so-called "interpleader" case withdrew their affidavits and demanded that their names be taken off the suit filed by the attorney for MCRGO.

Lee Zeidler and Sandra Brooke-Brown appear to have been taken aback by the filing of a lawsuit against them by the organization they had previously worked to support. If I understand correctly, a fellow MCRGO member and attorney notified our attorney, Mr. Kevin Winters, that they were not going to be a party to this matter any longer.

I must say, I understand the feeling of betrayal they may have felt.

I have to say, just when I think that the current management can't spring any further surprises, this lawsuit against its own members was a big one.

Shame is, they have a lawyer that doesn't even know that their name is the Michigan Coalition for Responsible Gun Owners and filled out the Summons and Complain in the wrong name.

Monday. 2:00 PM. Ingham County Courthouse. Maybe then the work to bring this organization back on track can really begin.

Wednesday, October 12, 2005

One additional point...

The Lee Zeidler I thought I knew is a pretty good guy. He seemed dedicated and did some good work for firearms rights. I want to believe that he got duped by people he hoped he could trust, but there is one serious problem with a portion of his email that I cannot let go by without comment.

He said, "Now, to continue, you have a fudiciary duty to the Board that you were elected to, if you dont wish to continue that, then leave, and stop acting like an anti-gunner!"

Our fiduciary duty as elected members of a non-profit organization's Board of Directors is to the members, not to the Board. It would be a good thing if we could work together and move the organization forward but we have obligations and responsibilities and they are not to our fellow Board members.
  • We must follow the law.
  • We must work for the members' best interests.
  • We must fulfill the trust of the membership.

I have worked very hard and sacrificed much to fulfill my fiduciary responsibility to the membership that had enough faith in me to elect me to the Board and I have filed to run for the Board for yet another term. I hope I will be re-elected and I hope that I will be joined by Directors who will follow the tenets listed above.

At this point, the organization has some very serious problems. Correcting those problems will take Directors willing to follow the law and commit to a complete review of the corporation's past and present operations. Bylaws violations continue daily as do violations of State Law, according to the Secretary's sworn testimony at the last Court hearing. No less than $30,000 has been wasted avoiding compliance with the law. Fines and costs due to me because of the Contempt of Court have climbed over $10,000. Our own members are being sued. Even when we resolve this Court Case, the management of MCRGO still faces a defamation/slander suit that may also be very expensive to defend. Every Board member that has supported the flaunting of the Court orders in place should, in my opinion as a member, step down. The actions and decisions by Board members that have led us to this place in time have not been ones that men and women of conscience can look to with pride.

Our members are not being served by a Board making the choices that are being made.

And by the way, equating wanting to follow the law and encouraging others to do so with supposedly being anti-gun is just plain bunk!

Tuesday, October 11, 2005

He said, then he said, then I thought...

Here we go 'round in circles....

----- Original Message -----
To: (A very long list of recipients - edited by me for their privacy)
Sent: Saturday, October 08, 2005 10:29 PM

Please post I Kerry Miller Have not and will not comply with chuck's orders to deny Neva lee's right to have the info she has won in this law suit. In turn I will not
lie for any board member. I have witnessed board members lie on the witness
stand. I have was told that no mater what that chuck as it under control, he
controls the house and the senate they are puppet's under his control, chucks
wife is the House leader's secretary and he will control everything. I have
never done anything to hurt MCRGO or Neva. I have only told the truth and the
board of MCRGO has been told by Chuck not to talk to me nor email me because I
am the person that can brings them down or the enemy as he put it in his email.

Kerry Miller
(address and telephone number information edited as well for privacy purposes)
NRA Life Member #33643899 GLSSA Member #125
Glssa Washtenaw, Monroe, and Wayne County Chair
SAFR Member #163
MCRGO Member #80299
MCRGO Board of Directors
NRA Training Counselor #33643899
NRA Recruiter #XP016947
Michigan Hunter Safety Instructor #2480
DNR Range Instructor
Huron Valley Gun Collectors Life Member#159
MUCC Member
MUDH Member

And apparently, one of the recipients took umbrage and wrote back a letter that doesn't really speak to his properly understanding the circumstances or present status of the lawsuit - update to follow.

From: Employment Professionals, LLC
To: (A
very long list of recipients - edited by me for their privacy)

Sent: Tuesday, October 11, 2005 11:27 AM

Dear Mr. Miller,
I dont know you, and you dont know me, but somehow, through the MINRAINSTRUCTORS
Group you have blasted me an unsolicited email about your problems. First off, I
belive I delisted from the group when Neva sued MCRGO.

You need to grow up, and get a life! I am for one tired of hearing all
the crap out there about all the gun groups! You should be ashamed of yourself
for acting so childish as to email to hundreds of people your personal views of
another individual, and your feelings on the lawsuit, especially when your a BOD
member, and the lawsuit is active. You should be removed from the board!

To quote you, "I Kerry Miller Have not and will not comply with chuck's orders to deny Neva lee's right to have the info she has won in this law suit". If you have ever been to court, it is up to the court, judge and system to award Neva, not, you, Chuck or anyone else. From the news I have been hearing, MCRGO is not in non-compliance with the court order, or someone
would be in jail. And its not your decision to interpret it, leave it to the lawyers, not you.

Now, to continue, you have a fudiciary duty to the Board that you were elected to, if you dont wish to continue that, then leave, and stop acting like an anti-gunner! When you spew
your vitriol all over the net (like the others) about a group that is doing good
things in the legislature, and for the Gun Owners, then you are in a sense,
anti-gun. I see you belong to lots of groups in your signature line, that only
means you paid your dues, nothing more. Many of us have belonged to some of
these groups our entire life, and I have never posted, or emailed crap like you
did because you disagree or dont like someone. You are either with us, or
against us. And if you are against us, then get off the Board and let someone
else do it, who will do positive things, not negative things. You are not a good
representative of an NRA Training Counselor or Instructor, again you should be
ashamed of your behavior here.

There comes a time in your life when you must look and say, am I making an impact, or getting in the way? Nobody stays on Boards forever, so get off and quit your bitching and
whinning. If you are so negative and dont like what happens, then why stay, just
resign, and go about your life.

Also, just in case this is the first time you have ever seen anything in court, nobody will win
this, only the lawyers win. Court cases can be ugly, and people lie (I am not
saying anyone in MCRGO or the other side did or did not), its just the way the
legal system is, after all, its lawyers controlling it all (sorry to the legal
types out there).

As to the reference to you being the person to bring us down in the email you talked about from Chuck.......well Mr Miller, if you are doing what your doing, and including CARE4Mi, Neva, Rod
Collins, and others on the side we are against in the lawsuit, then you could possibly bring us down.

I dont know Chuck well, I have met him on several occasions, and talked on the phone, and he seems to be a nice enough guy, and a politician (sorry to all the political types out there).
I dont agree with everything he does or says, but then again, I dont know of
anyone who agrees with me on everything either. So if you have a disagreement
with someone, why not go directly to them, why put all these other people in the
mix? I am replying to all of them, so at least someone sticks up for the
organization, and they see it. Chuck does talk like a politician, but christ, he
is one, what would you expect! Your not even man enough to confront him face to
face, instead you blast this crazy message off to hundreds of people to get
attention, get a life. Its ok to disagree in a BOD environment, and even argue
about something, but in the end, everyone has to come together, thats why there
is the number there is on a Board, so the majority vote wins, (its the
democratic and american way). Besides Chuck doesnt ever vote. So its your board
that is responsible. You represent the anti side as far as I am concerned, I
dont know you, but that email lost all respect for you if I ever meet you. The
anti gun people just love this I am sure! Its time this organization gets past
this crap, and works together to support our common goal. I and several others
are working hard on the upcoming election year, to support the candidates who
are on our side. When was the last time you did something positive for us? When
was the last time you sponsered a fundraiser, or did something to benefit the
organization. Last year I recruited over 50 members, and I did not ask for one
cent in Commission or recruiter fees, and dont want them. Do you do this just
for the money, or is it because you believe in the freedoms of the 2nd Amendment
and Constitution? Ask youself Mr. Miller, why are you on this board, and what
can you do to help the cause, not hurt it. There are alot of volunteers out
there putting out a positive image, and working very hard behind the scenes, not
what you portray. So leave yourself out of the petty BS, and do something
constructive with your time and life. You cant have it both ways, with joining
and supporting boths sides of the argument here. If you join the organizations
that are out to get us, and are supposedly on our BOD, and supporting them, then
you are just here to cause trouble, plain and simple, nothing more. IF you dont
like it, then be man enough to say you are quitting, and stick with them.

Lee Zeidler
NRA Life Member
MCRGO Member
MCRGOPAC Committee

NRA Instructor and Recruiter


Just finished scanning a few documents....

To recap some - on September 2, 2005, MCRGO began being held responsible for:

Contempt of court fines and costs:

$3,500 in legal fees, now paid.
$2,590.50 in legal fees, unpaid.
$4,000 accumulated contempt fines, unpaid as of today and accumulating at $100 per day, ongoing.

And according to the MCRGO news and announcements, MCRGOPAC paid for a trip to Mackinac Island September 23, 24, 25 that included Mr. Perricone, PAC Committee Chairman David Aviles, Committee Member Lee Zeidler, and Kent County Chair Larry Bellgraph.

On September 27, Committee Member Lee Zeidler, and Kent County Chair Larry Bellgraph sent a total of four FAXes from two phone numbers, covering four out of the six affidavits found here:


On September 28, MCRGO filed suit against me and the six people who had just provided them with affidavits.

Time to get an attorney, Defendants.

And on September 28 (same day) we went to Court and Doug Berg, secretary for MCRGO, sat on the stand and said they'd given us everything but the database (only the inventory says otherwise) and swore he'd never seen the order - or may have seen one page of it around the office somewhere but not really read it or anything. Hmmmm... that part we may see more of down the road... maybe even on the 17th at 2:00 PM.

Show Cause Order

And somewhere along the way, the attorney representing MCRGO was offended because I wrote that I wondered if he was incompetent - well, you've already read it - he was fined $250 for not filing a timely brief.

Today, the Appeal was dismissed for failure to file a brief at all.

Court of Appeals dismissal

And then there was the email exchange between one Board member and one of the people being sued above (Lee Zeidler) who, until an hour or so after he wrote the email defending Mr. Perricone's actions and the actions of MCRGO's Board ("MCRGO is not in non-compliance with the court order, or someone would be in jail." - from your lips to God's ear, Lee.) was unaware that MCRGO had filed suit against him.

Yes, indeed, this has been interesting to watch unfold.

Monday will be even more interesting, I suspect.

And on October 26, 2005, we go back to Court because MCRGO has asked for a summary judgement on my defamation suit, claiming, among other things, that they never published any statements about me to any third parties.

I could have sworn.........

Stay tuned, folks. It's not over yet.