Saturday, January 03, 2009

A Great Cause....

From Benefit4Kids:

We are once again busy planning our next fundraiser coming up January 31st 2009. This will be the 5th year for this event and they only keep getting better and better, and I promise this year will be no different! If you have been to one of our banquets before you won't want to miss this one. Tickets are still just $20.00 for adults and $10.00 for Kids (15 and under) and this includes your drinks.

This years event is once again being held at Perch Point Conservation Club in South East MI. Doors open at 4:00pm.

One of the new things at this years event will be Randy's Hunting Center out of Bad Axe Michigan providing all the guns. If you have ever been to a banquet where Randy's was know he puts on a great display of new guns for everyone to have a chance at winning!

MANY GREAT items are already coming in also such as

An Ontario Bear Hunt

Numerous Pheasant Hunts

Couple Salmon Fishing Trips

Guided Turkey Hunt

South Dakota Goose Hunt

Plus much more to be added soon - updates can be found often here.

Contact us today to get your tickets as this event will once again sell out this year at only $20.00 a ticket! There will be NO ticket sales at the door, so get your spot today.

Another great way to help us out is to sponsor a "Wish Kid Table" for only $50.00 (this does not include dinner ticket). Each table is named after a kid we have worked with in the past or are currently working with and for only $50.00 each, these tables can be sponsored to show your support to Benefit4Kids! Tables can be sponsored by:

Individuals and/or groups of friends

Groups, clubs, organizations

Businesses and corporations

Consider this option and click here to learn more:

All the details can be found on our website at

Thursday, January 01, 2009

What the heck?

David Knowles is an idiot - no doubt about it.

In so many ways.

Let me review just the ways he demonstrated to us on December 30th with the article posted at the link above.

First, he posts it under "Republicans" - which is ok, really, because that clarifies, right up front, what his little rant is about: his dislike of all things Republican - and anything he can possibly hope to portray as negative and label Republican. Dolt.

Next, he writes:
"Cha-ching! People magazine is said to be paying the unwed high school drop-out duo Bristol Palin and Levi Johnston a cool $300,000 for pics of their new baby boy, Tripp."
Which is also ok, because it shows us that he's an idiot or a liar or both, since neither one of the two young parents is a high school dropout.

Levi Johnson, aged 18, did as many young people in the United States today might considering doing - without retribution from the Left unless they are somehow remotely related to a Republican political figure - he enrolled in an apprenticeship program that promises a good career that will allow him to support his family without relying on a social welfare system. He is apparently also enrolled in correspondence course for high school completion, a common enough practice in Alaska, especially among those who are engaged in working to assist in supporting their families.

Two fine examples of such programs offered are through the University of Oklahoma and the University of Missouri.

Bristol Palin is no doubt taking a few weeks off - as any mother would following a birth - but she is reportedly enrolled in a regular high school and has taken some correspondence courses. What the Leftists rarely add to any news on the correspondence courses issue is that this is very common in Alaska - and that distance learning via computers - something that Michigan students are required by law to do at least once in their high school careers - is a "correspondence course."

And allow me to ask - so what? How's it any of your business, Mr. Knowles? Why do these two young people have to put up with your continued, pointless and vindictive scrutiny?
"Congratulations to the proud parents."
You don't mean that, you mean-spirited little hypocrite - and everyone knows it. Your fans applaud it - they welcome your attempts to hurt a pair of young people who made a mistake but are stepping up to the plate and acting responsibly. You're not kidding anyone, though, just so we're clear. We all know there isn't a congratulatory bone in your body for these young parents or their innocent son.
"Though, like Andrew Sullivan, I have to wonder about the mixed message of selling baby pictures to a supermarket mag while keeping quiet to the likes of the AP:"
"The governor's office said it would not release information because it considers the baby's birth a private, family matter."
Now that's just plain funny, to be honest - these young parents, who could obviously use the financial boost to finish their educations and begin their young lives together with their newborn son don't have anything to do with the governor's office and the governor's office was absolutely justified in refusing to answer questions about private family business.

The parents of young Tripp are both 18 years of age - able to make a contract, earn money and keep it, care for their child as they see best, and can do so without input from either the governor's office - even if one considers the governor is Tripp's grandmother - and even more so, without input from bitter little Left-wingers like David Knowles.