Saturday, November 08, 2008

Oh, yeah....

Found this in a bunch of motivation type quotes on my 'puter from old - Ronald Reagan.
  • "Government is not the solution to our problem. Government is the problem."
  • "Government does not solve problems; it subsidizes them."
  • "Nations crumble from within when the citizenry asks of government those things which the citizenry might better provide for itself."
  • "Are you entitled to the fruits of your own labor or does government have some presumptive right to spend and spend and spend?"
  • "The federal government has taken too much tax money from the people, too much authority from the states, and too much liberty with the Constitution."
  • "The best view of big government is in the rearview mirror as you're driving away from it."
  • "We were poor when I was young, but the difference then was that the government didn't come around telling you you were poor."
  • "To those who cite the First Amendment as reason for excluding God from more and more of our institutions every day, I say: The First Amendment of the Constitution was not written to protect the people of this country from religious values; it was written to protect religious values from government tyranny."

Let's get it out of the way....

I despise the part time Senator from Illinois.

In fact, I pretty much think he's a big jackass.

I despise his Socialist agenda and no matter what anyone ever tries to claim, it sure as hell has nothing to do with the color of his skin. I despise Nancy Pelosi as well. What's my reason there? I'd say her face, but hell, I'm a homely old white broad, too.

Joe Biden - pinhead extraordinaire and he's just an old, useless white dude. Don't even ask me what I think of John Kerry and his wife's money putting incompetents in office - you know, like that of Secretary of State?

Or our own governor, Jennifer Granholm - heading up one of the most depressed states in the Nation - yeah, she's the one we need taking care of financial issues. Who next, Kwame Kilpatrick as head of the Ethics Committee?

Specifically since November 4th, I have found even more reasons to despise BHO, most recently for referring to himself as a "mutt" when he knows full well that in a moment people will be using that term to refer to children of mixed race everywhere, including his own - and that anyone who doesn't agree with his politics and used the term would be vilified unto death, if possible.

How do I tell my students, as I have every day for years, not to call themselves the despicable N-word, when BHO does the same darned thing.

I despise, in fact, his turning a deaf ear to the evil, vocal anti-white sentiment that has sprung up. There's no way in the world he hasn't heard and seen it and no doubt in my mind that he's not speaking to it because it's perfectly acceptable to him.

Isn't this the man who told people race didn't matter and we could all work together (as he hid any white relatives from view and claimed only the five minute father as relevant to his life)? Does anybody else out there think maybe it's time for him to remind his African-American supporters that 13% didn't elect him on their own any more than even less than 13% (at the time) forced the passage of Civil Rights laws that changed our nation - thankfully - for all time.

What a wake-up call for the folks who thought if they voted for him, all of their ancestral sins would be forgiven and their black brothers and sisters would now join hands and sing their praises.

I like best a quote from a friend of mine, Nii-Adzei, who "reminds people that being Black gives one no more creditability than being White does."

Judge the part-time Senator, who has lied to his constituents in order to get elected to the US Senate and shows no sign of giving up the habit so far.

And oh, by the way, I'm not about to quit criticizing our racist President-elect just because white folks should never dare speak badly of black folks. I'm hardly a racist - but I'm not the kind of person that's going to read off my "credentials" on why I should not be considered one.

You may not like my politics, I may not like yours, but let's keep it honest here, please.