Monday, November 07, 2005


Veteran's Day.

Plan something good for the veteran you know or one you don't.

Send a card, send some popcorn and a movie, contribute to a veteran's group or even stop by a veteran's hospital.

If nothing else, pause in your day and say a prayer of thanks.

You owe your daily freedom to each and every one of them.

Miss you, Doc, I really do....

Sunday, November 06, 2005

Explain this to me - and your constituents...

All of the following are good Bills, but not going anywhere. Why? Stalled in the Senate Judiciary Committee, which is chaired by supposedly Pro-Gun Senator, Alan Cropsey.

Could it be because MCRGO didn't develop them and no Pro-Gun Bill that they didn't develop isn't going to be allowed to move? Could it be that because the Chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee is more concerned with making MCRGO look good, while he uses his office to slander me and interfere with my Civil Rights, than he does about good, solid, pro-gun legislation?

HB 4186 of 2005 House Bill Weapons; concealed; renewal date of concealed pistol permit; establish as same day as expiration of permit when renewed prior to expiration date. Amends sec. 5l of 1927 PA 372 (MCL 28.425l).

HB 4186


HB 4643 of 2005 House Bill Weapons; licensing; issuance of concealed pistol license renewal; require within certain period of time. Amends sec. 5l of 1927 PA 372 (MCL 28.425l).

HB 4643


HB 4642 of 2005 House Bill Weapons; other; licensed spouse to carry or transport another licensed spouse's inspected pistol; allow. Amends sec. 12 of 1927 PA 372 (MCL 28.432).

HB 4642


None of them were "developed" by MCRGO and none of them are moving. Why? Whose Committee is not moving them?

If the only pro-gun bills that are allowed to move are those originating from MCRGO, then the folks blocking them are not pro-gun, they're only pro-MCRGO and that's not good enough.

Someone commented to me this morning, "My Dad is now 82 years old. I was so proud to help him get his CPL."

I've helped hundreds get their CPLs and I've been very proud of that as well. I've worked with hundreds of children via the Eddie Eagle program as well, but Mr. Perricone, the Fugacious Former Speaker of the House (an office which he is widely known to have purchased, by the way), blocked that program from becoming a part of every child's life in one Michigan County. Why? Because I would have done the training and he couldn't have that once he became irritated with me. He has worked, it would seem non-stop, to block every effort I made since October of 2003 to work on any firearms rights issue.

What happened in October of 2003? I found out that he wanted to put Ralph Mabry on our Board of Directors, and then went on to find out that Mr. Perricone had lied to me on many, many occasions. Character assassination is his stock-in-trade, I am afraid.

Who is Ralph Mabry? That's for another day, but for a start, Google up the words Ralph Mabry fraud department justice and see what you get. The man isn't even allowed to get anywhere near the pension fund of the Union he is President of and Mr. Perricone wants him on our Board? He heads up a Union that has endorsed Anti-Gun candidates to the tune of millions of dollars worth of donations over the years and Mr. Perricone wants him on our Board?

One word. "WHY?"

And as I said to the poster on
my site’s forum, “Proud of your dad getting his CPL? My family was proud of me, too.”

What kind of man disarms a woman because she wins a court case against him? What kind of so-called Conservative, albeit transitory, Legislator puts so much work into silencing one woman?

Well, to quote another poster of my site, "That would be an inadequate "girly-man."