Saturday, March 03, 2007


I received the following email from Mr. Nugent's camp in response to my communication:
Make sure you are clear that Ted Nugent never agreed with Zumbo but rather brought his hideous destructive mindset to the forefront while educating him on his insanity as well as others who thought like him as well. Our own fellow gun owners!

No one does more to educate beyond on the chior about 2A rights! Please understand exactly what too place here before you pass judgement.

Sasha Nugent

Can someone actually translate what that says? I'm pretty sure I understand what happened, although a point of view from Michigan Sportsmen has added some possible enlightenment. Some claim that Ted is ticked off because this could curtail his getting free guns at an upcoming AR Shoot in Indiana.

Someone from my own website said:
I have supported Ted in every decision previous to this one.

I dont think that I will have a response to SN.

Sasha apparently asked him, "How can you not support Ted & all he does EVERY DAY to help protect our 2A rights?"

Apparently, the thinking is, don't disagree with his actions, no matter how much they might harm us - and if you do disagree, you're anethema.

Ted Nugent eats himself....

For some reason, Mr. Nugent has decided to personally support someone who advocates against our Second Amendment rights. In my opinion, this severely compromises him being an advocate for our freedoms.

His call to his fans (he has a web forum wherein folks mostly say "we love you, Ted, we'll do whatever you say):

My BloodBrothers, I have never asked for personal assistencde on my own behalf, howevere, DPMS Panther Arms claim they are getting hammered by the antigunners amongst us (lunatic fringe for sure) to abandon any relationship with me or my TV show for my stand to upgrade Jim Zumbo into a pro-DPMS rifle guy. HUH!!! Unbelievable for sure, but the cannibals amongst us are beyond xplanation. I respectfully request any of you who care, to write a brief, POLITE note to DPMS boss Randy Luth via Sasha at, with your take on my standing up to educate upgrade & recruit JZ & his Nugely discovered 2nd Amendment absolutism. Ya with me? ASAP plz!! Brief & POLITE! HITIT! Happy shootemup weekend!
Now, normally, despite his being a long way from someone I'd hang out with, I do support Mr. Nugent and his message - we've stood on the same platform in the past and we share many of the same views on Second Amendment issues. In this instance, I believe he is letting his personal feelings for Mr. Zumbo get in the way of advocating for our rights.

My feelings on the issue and my response to Mr. Nugent:

That will never happen on my part. Mr. Zumbo did us more harm in one posting than 50 Million Mommers could do with a year's hard work. His half-assed apologies do not cut it and seem, in essence to blame anyone and everyone but the guy who said, "I see no place for these weapons among our hunting fraternity. I'll go so far as to call them "terrorist" rifles." and "We don't need to be lumped into the group of people who terrorize the world with them, which is an obvious concern." as well as,
"I say game departments should ban them from the praries (sic) and woods."

I am far from a terrorist, and I resent being called one by Mr. Zumbo. He is the one who lumped me in with terrorists and that couldn't be more wrong for someone who claims to be a Second Amendment advocate.

I resent a so-called Second Amendment advocate calling for any kind of gun ban anywhere. I am a middle-aged grandmother, public school teacher and Second Amendment advocate and to have the work I do undermined by these people is extremely frustrating, to say the least.

I resent seeing Mr. Zumbo's work against our efforts posted on the Brady web sites. I resent having a so-called pro-gun individual used against me in my fight for full Second Amendment rights restoration.

Your presumption in calling those of us who will not support someone such as Mr. Zumbo in his furtherance of limiting our Second Amendment rights anti-gunner, lunatic fringe, etc. is simply inexplicable.

He does not, and will never, have my support, and in fact, I fully intend to write Mr. Luth at DPMS and remind him that his support of our Second Amendment rights and our support of his firearms company pretty much precludes supporting anyone who makes statements such as those above.

Neva Li

Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Jeff Says....

Sarah Brady is sending supporters a link to an on-line survey asking them (as a faithful friends) to answer the questions and help guide the Brady Campaign in their dealings with Congress and state legislatures.

Being a democratic guy, I feel compelled to share this with others concerned about the gun control issue so the Brady's get a very clear picture of just what the public really thinks about their issues. Just like the surveys often sent out by pro-gun groups this survey is more about fundraising than actually seeking anyones opinion. Please answer the survey and consider following through on their fundraising appeal by writing a check to your favorite gun rights group. We at the Firearms Coalition would be very proud to receive donations in honor of Sarah Brady.

Follow this link and answer
Sarah Brady's Survey.

The "Name", "Address", and "Email" request at the top can be left blank. If you enter an e-mail address, they might put you on their mailing list so you can keep tabs on their activities.

Please pass this on and post it wherever you can.

I'm not sure Sarah's servers can handle the traffic we can generate! Yours for the Second Amendment Jeff Knox Director of Operations The Firearms Coalition On-line contributions to the Firearms Coalition can be made at or mailed to:
The Firearms Coalition
Box 3313
Manassas, VA 20108

Or, if you're willing to help out a
great Michigan group, you can donate via their web site or mail donations to:
PO Box 205
Hillsdale, Michigan 49242